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    All started back to 70's, the time I was student in Montreal, Canada. On Sunday, April 21st, 1974 I was Read More
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Friday, 16th November 2018

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Peter Gabriel - Here Comes the Flood   Nursery Cryme  Genesis: The Peter Gabriel Years 
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Peter Gabriel & Youssou N'Dour Biko   Lyrics  Genesis : Peter Gabriel Era in six parts 
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 The Lamb Lies down on Broadway  (Deep in the Lyrics)

Phil Collins - Another day in paradise  Songs analysis   
Phil Collins - Follow you follow me  Lyrics  "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" 
Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight  Selling England by the Pound  "Fly on a Windshield" 
Steve Hackett playing The Lamia  Review  "Broadway Melody of 1974" 
Steve Hackett - Spectral Mornings   Songs analysis  "Cuckoo Cocoon" 
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The many faces of Peter Gabriel   The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway  "The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging" 
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Supper's Ready Illustrated    Looking for Someone 
The Genesis Archive Documentary  An Introduction   White Mountain 
Genesis : Peter Gabriel Era in six parts  From Genesis to Revelation  Vision of Angels 
The Peter Gabriel Years   Trespass  Stagnation  
Taylor Rae Hillestad's Genesis Artwork  Nursery Cryme  Dusk 
The first-ever Peter Gabriel's concert filmed  Foxtrot  the Knife 
The first acquaintance  Selling England by the Pound  Nursery Cryme  
Peter Gabriel's Room by Herb Leohard  The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway  The Musical Box  
A&E Biography: Genesis - 2008  Genesis Live 1973  For Absent Friends  
The Genesis Archive Documentary VH in Full     The Return of Giant Hogweed 
Genesis: No Admittance - Documentary (1991) 

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The Lamb Lies down on Broadway (The Project)

Foxtrot   Timetable  
  Selling England by the Pound   Get'em Out by Friday  
The Story of Rael  The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway   Can-Utility and the Coastliners 
An Interpretation   Genesis Live 1973   Horizons 
Kim Poor and Lyrics    Supper's Ready 
Rael in paintings  

 Foxtrot - Supper's Ready (The Project)

Selling England by the Pound  
Making of the Lamb Project    Dancing With the Moonlite Knight 
The Lamb Rationale 

From Genesis A Revelation  

I Know What I Like 
The Lamb Paintings by Zoller   Genesis’ ‘Foxtrot’ Turns 46  Firth of the Fifth 
Lileigh White Lilith:An Analysis   It’s Scrambled Eggs  More Fool Me  
The Imperial Aerosol Kid  Song Review by François Couture  The Battle of Epping Forest 
Music Sheets & Tabs  Song Sections Analysis  After the Ordeal 
Live Recordings by Virtuoso  Supper's Ready live HQ  The Cinema Show 
2014: A 40 Years Anniversary Review  Supper's Ready Annotated  The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway  
Comments through the Years   Why it is a great song   The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway 
The secret in understanding The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway  Supper's Ready Annotations in Detail  Fly on a Windshield 
    Broadway Melody of 1974  
Blogging Label Extras. Cuckoo Cocoon 
    In the Cage 
Top 10 Peter Gabriel Era Genesis Songs 


The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging 
Genesis: A Tale Of Two Bands  Bootlegs 1967 - 1975  Back in N.Y.C. 
Growing Up Live: Selected Concert Videos  Bootlegs on Vinyls  Counting Out Time  
Peter Gabriel's spectacular live show Growing Up Live on DVD  Genesis Live 1973  The Carpet Crawlers 
Anna Gabriel: Growing Up On Tour - A Family Portrait  Archives 1967-1974  The Chamber of 32 Doors 
The John Burns Interview (2006)  Genesis: 1970-1975 Box Set - Rhino Records 2008  Lilywhite Lilith 
Tales of The Tape    Anyway 
Richard Paul Macphail    Here Comes the Supernatural Anaesthetist  
The famous Charisma label    The Colony of Slippermen 
Genesis – The Top 200 Worldwide Rarities    The Raven 
Genesis - Firth of the Fifth - Montreal 1974    The Light Dies Down on Broadway 
Peter Gabriel - Modern Love    Riding the Scree 
The classic era of Genesis examined: 1971-1975    In the Rapids 
1973 Restored Concert Film     
Jonathan King, The Godfather     
Genesis Foxtrot - An analysis     
Band Members Interviews