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Sunday, 9th December 2018

BORN: March 27th, 1950, England

Tony Banks started his career with Genesis in 1967 as the pianist/keyboardist, after the emergence of the Charterhouse School Bands The Garden Wall, which Tony was a member, and The Anon. Tony, who plays with a Bach style, also tends to introduce many excellent sound effects and reinforcing chords to the band's music. On occasion, Tony has also been known to pick up the guitar. Apart from Genesis, Tony has persued a solo career resulting in 8 albums: A Curoius Feeling, The Wicked Lady Soundtrack, The Fugitive, Quicksilver Soundtrack, Soundtracks, Bankststement, Still and Strictly Inc. Tony Banks is one of the two original founding members Genesis still in the group. Currently Tony has finished up promoting the new Genesis album Calling All Stations and is planning on doing some sort of solo project.

However, none of his attempts have been very commercially successful, a sore point for the man many deem responsible for a large portion of the Genesis sound. His first effort, 1978's A Curious Feeling, found Banks recording music in a similar vein to what Genesis was producing at the time, with massive walls of keyboards and conceptual lyrics. By the time of his early 1980s albums however, Banks had moved to a more stripped-down approach. His later work was often quite commercially oriented, with the occasional reference to his more musically complex past.

Although solo projects in all but name, 1988's Bankstatement and 1995's Strictly Inc. were attempts to market Banks' work as group projects as they had several vocalists and guest musicians playing on them. While containing mostly adult-contemporary material, the albums also featured some prog-rock material such as "Island in the Darkness," an epic piece longer than almost any previously recorded Genesis track

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