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Sunday, 9th December 2018


They located a young drummer. His name was Phil Collins. They also found a guitarist named Steve Hackett.

With their two new members, Genesis went on to release their third album, Nursery Cryme in late 1971. This was the first of their albums to see a nice amount of commercial success. It entered the top 20 in Italy, and thus forged a special relationship between Genesis and their Italian fans which has lasted to this day.

During one of the performances in the Nursery Cryme tours, Peter Gabriel attempted a stage dive and broke his leg. While recovering from this, he began writing Genesis' most ambitious project to date, "Supper's Ready," a 23-minute masterpiece which occupies the entire second side of their fourth album, 1972's Foxtrot. About this time, Peter also began the habit of dressing up in costumes ("Dressing up in costumes/Playing silly games/Hiding out in treetops/Shouting out rude names!" Peter Gabriel, "Games Without Frontiers", 1980) during Genesis live shows, and telling mysterious stories and narratives between songs. This won Genesis a great deal of press.

Foxtrot was quickly followed up by 1973's Live, Genesis' first live album and the only one officially released with Gabriel at the helm. Later that same year, Genesis released Selling England by the Pound , their artistically most ambitious work to date. It songs like "I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)" and "Firth of Fifth," portions of which were even performed during Genesis' latest, 1992 tour.

The culmination of the original Genesis came in 1974 with the release of the surrealistic two-disc concept album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway . The Lamb was a continuous story which tracked the adventures of Rael, a striving graffiti artist, through a psychadelic underworld in a journey of self discovery. It was an extremely abstract work. The Annotated Lamb Lies Down on Broadway is a collabrative effort by people on the net to explain everything that goes on in The Lamb.

During the production of The Lamb, Peter Gabriel's first daughter was born, and, originally, some questions were raised as to her health and chances of survival. The stress of coping with this uncertainty, combined with the stress of the ambitious musical project and a number of other factors, caused Gabriel to decide to leave Genesis at the conclusion of the Lamb tours.

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