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Sunday, 9th December 2018


Across the fields, an old man waited for us. He invited us to sit by his fire and partake of his food. For this we were grateful. But his hospitality did not end there. He also entertained us, with a story. . .

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away. . . England, I think it was called. . . There lived four young men. . Their names were Ant Phillips, Michael Rutherford, Tony Banks and Peter Gabriel. They went to the Charterhouse School for Boys, which was a sort of prep school. Their teachers there considered them trouble makers, because they were involved with a form of music which was popular at the time. It was called "rock" music.

You see, Ant Phillips was a guitar player. Michael Rutherford was a bass player. Tony Banks was a keyboard player. Peter Gabriel sang. A young lad by the name of John Silver would often join the four on drums, but he wasn't really a contributing member of the group.

When they got their first record contract, Ant, Mike, Tony and Peter still didn't have a name for their band. So their producer, Jonathan King, dubbed them "Genesis" as they were the first band he'd ever "discovered."

Genesis released its first record album, From Genesis to Revelations in 1969. It was a commercial flop. Many record stores mistakenly put it in the religious sec tion.

So the boys switched record companies and began doing a great deal of live playing. I say boys because they were all 19 years old or so at the time. In 1971 they released their second album, Trespass. This album was a much more formidable one, and featured John Mayhew on drums instead of John Silver. It spawned "The Knife," a song which became Genesis' first "anthem," which they played at the conclusion of most live shows in the years to follow.

During the Trespass tours, guitarist Ant Phillips fell ill and began to have problems with strage freight. Eventually, his doctor advised him to quit the band. And so, Genesis was now auditioning for a new guitarist, and, at the same time, they d ecided to also look for a steady drummer of the same calibar as the rest of the band.

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