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Sunday, 9th December 2018

 BORN: February 12th, 1951, England

Formerly a member of various minor bands, including Canterbury Glass, Heel Pier, Sarabande and Quiet World, the latter releasing a solitary album on Dawn Records in 1970, Hackett joined Genesis as guitarist in early 1971. He replaced Anthony Phillips, and stayed with the band during their successful mid-70s progressive rock period, appearing on recordings from 1971's Nursery Cryme to the live double album, Seconds Out. By the time the latter was released in 1977, Hackett had left the band.

Steve's first solo album, 'Voyage of The Acolyte', was completed in 1975 whilst still a member of Genesis. The corresponding departure of Peter Gabriel instilled an atmosphere of discomfort amongst the remaining members of Genesis over Steve's solo projects. The album did include both Mike Rutherford and Phil Collins and as such has since been described by many fans to have been the best album that Genesis never made! Several tracks from this album were featured in Steve's earlier live performances including 'A Tower Struck Down' and the "Shadow of the Hierophant".

After the 'Wind & Wuthering' tour Genesis was well on their way to reaping the rewards financially from years of hard work and obscurity. Nonetheless Steve made the decision to leave the group, compelled perhaps by a need to develop his own musical identity free from the constraints of a "committee" writing style which the band then employed. The result of this new found freedom was the album 'Please Don't Touch!' which included appearances by Richie Havens and Randy Crawford whose vocals on the track "Hoping Love Will Last" were as far from the Genesis mode as one could imagine. Touring 'Please Don't Touch!' posed difficulties for many of the musicians who appeared on the album so Steve selected a team that would eventually accompany him over the next few years. Pete Hicks on vocals, John Shearer on drums and the unrecognised virtuoso of the flute, guitar and bass pedals; Steve's own brother John (not number 9) were often described by Hackett as, "not a bad band". As a group on stage they formed an impressive outfit and were consequently invited to record with Steve as a band on his next album 'Spectral Mornings'.

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