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Sunday, 9th December 2018

 An Introduction to Genesis - from the 'And The Word Was ... Genesis' CD, written by John Tracy.
 From Genesis to Revelation reviewed in International Times No. 57, May 23 - June 5, 1969.
 'Justice for Flaming Youth!', from Melody Maker, November 1, 1969.
 Nursery Cryme reviewed in Rolling Stone, October 26, 1971.
 'The Spaghetti Scene - or ... Genesis in Italy', from New Musical Express, April 22, 1972.
 An interesting Foxtrot review, from Sounds, September 30, 1972.
 Some New York Times reviews in the years 1972-74.
 'Sixteen Thousand Dollar Debut ...' - SOUNDS special on Genesis' extraordinary US debut at the Philharmonic Hall, New York, 12.12.72.
 'Words and Music' - from USA promo kit from Foxtrot era, January 1973.
 Readings from the book of Genesis - a 3 page USA promo from Buddah, early 1973.
 'The A to Z of Genesis' - Tony Banks in conversation about Nursery Cryme and Foxtrot, interview conducted by Alan 'The Waiting Room' Hewitt at The Farm.
 'Genesis - Sit, Look and Listen', by Richard Green from Music Scene, early '73.
 'Melody Maker Band Breakdown', from Melody Maker, March 3, 1973.
 'Genesis Positive Winner' - 'Genesis Live' reviewed in Sounds, August 4, 1973.
 'No Exodus yet for Genesis' - Barbara Charone talks to three of the members of Britain's only cosmic flower show, from NME, August 25, 1973.
 'The Man Behind the Mask' - Peter Gabriel of Genesis talks to Barbara Charone, from NME, October 13, 1973.
 'Genesis' - from a Charisma promo sheet from 'Selling England' era, October 29, 1973.
 'The Charterhouse Boys', probably from NME - just after 'I Know what I Like' was released.
 The Circus Magazine Interview - 'Peter Gabriel Ponders Cartoons, Costumes and The Myths of Genesis', from Circus Magazine, October 1973.
 'The Book of Genesis' - Mitchell Paul talks to Peter Gabriel about the past, present and future of Genesis, probably from Music Scene, October 1973.
 'Selling Records by the Pound' - Disc finds Tomorrow's Stars Today, from Disc Magazine, November 10, 1973.
 'Dancing 'Round New York With Genesis', from Good Times, December 19, 1973.
 'Genesis - Selling a Little of Britain', probably from NME, January 3, 1974.
 'Genesis Into The Third Dimension?', by Jeremy Gilbert from Sounds, January 12, 1974.
 'Genesis play the West End', from The Times, January 15, 1974.

'Masked Idol', from Melody Maker, January 19, 1974.
 'Genesis, a Revelation: No "Pale" Imitation', from Crawdaddy, USA, March 1974.
 Selling England by the Pound reviewed in Crawdaddy, March 1974.
 'Genesis and their Revelations' from The Drummer, March 12, 1974.
 Another Selling England by the Pound review, from Rolling Stone, March 14, 1974.
 'Flying High', from Melody Maker, September 28, 1974.
 'Genesis: Lamb Like a Polished Diamond' - a Lamb Review, by Barbara Charone in Sounds, November 23, 1974.
 'Plodding Genesis' - a Lamb review, by Chris Welch in Melody Maker, November 27, 1974.
 'Genesis Blends Visual & Musical' - Drummer Phil Collins discusses lambs and burning amps, from Scene Magazine, December 12, 1974.
 A strange, small Lamb article, from Sounds, sometime late 1974.
 'In The Hall Of The Mutant King', from Village Voice, December 16, 1974.
 A review of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, from Phonograph Record Magazine, February 1975.
 Another review of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway album, written by Janis Schacht in the March 1975 issue of Circus Magazine.
 'Will America Swallow the Lamb?, from Circus Magazine No. 106; March 1975.
 'Backseat Driver' - a Phil Collins interview, from Melody Maker, April 26, 1975.
 'A Touch of The Jaggers' - Sounds on The Road, from Sounds, April 26, 1975.
 'Can You See The Rael Me?', by Barbara Charone from Sounds, May 10, 1975.
 'Banks' Holiday', from Melody Maker, June 7, 1975.
 'Genesis to Revelation' - as Peter Gabriel quits Genesis, Chris Welch recalls a great British band, from Melody Maker, August 23, 1975.

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