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Monday, 20th May 2019

Rare Labels Collection

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Live in Basel
Venue: Arlon Charleroi Festival, Bruxelles, Belgium
Date: January 16, 1972
Label: DV More Record, M.T.T.10.03
Sound quality (1-10): 6

An average recording from Genesis 'Nursery Cryme' tour. This CD has been around for a while, but I was finally able to obtain it through a contact in Belgium. Thanks, Robert!

Venues: Belgian TV + Frankfurt, Germany
Dates: February, 1972 + April, 1973
Label: Chapter One, CO 25112
Sound quality (1-10): 7

Some of you have probably seen some of the clips from Belgian TV - and here is the audio part of it. Included are also two tracks from the Foxtrot tour in Spring 1973.

Shade Of Dawning
Venue: Watford Technical College, Watford, UK
Date: March 24, 1972
Label: Highland, HL 069 #G11
Sound quality (1-10): 8

Brilliant! A hidden treasure revealed by Highland 25 years later. The Watford show is probably one of the best documentations of the power and magic from the early Nursery Cryme tour.

Imperial College '72
Venue: Imperial College, London
Date: November 18th, 1972
Label: Night Sun, 001
Sound quality (1-10): 7

This CD was a pleasant surprise. "Imperial College '72" is obviously an audience recording - with nearby comments and laughter - but the sound from the stage is quite balanced and well recorded.

Some Of You Are Going To Die
Venues: De Montford Hall, Leicester + Free Trade Hall, Manchester
Dates: January 28th, 1973 + February 4th, 1973
Label: Alternative Record Company, ARC 004
Sound quality (1-10): 9

This is an "extended" version of the officially released 'Live' album - including 'Supper's Ready'. The source is probably the KBFH vinyl test-pressing, and the sound is excellent.