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Sunday, 9th December 2018

Live in Basel
Venue: Arlon Charleroi Festival, Bruxelles, Belgium
Date: January 16, 1972
Label: DV More Record, M.T.T.10.03
Sound quality (1-10): 6

An average recording from Genesis 'Nursery Cryme' tour. This CD has been around for a while, but I was finally able to obtain it through a contact in Belgium. Thanks, Robert!

Venues: Belgian TV + Frankfurt, Germany
Dates: February, 1972 + April, 1973
Label: Chapter One, CO 25112
Sound quality (1-10): 7

Some of you have probably seen some of the clips from Belgian TV - and here is the audio part of it. Included are also two tracks from the Foxtrot tour in Spring 1973.

Shade Of Dawning
Venue: Watford Technical College, Watford, UK
Date: March 24, 1972
Label: Highland, HL 069 #G11
Sound quality (1-10): 8

Brilliant! A hidden treasure revealed by Highland 25 years later. The Watford show is probably one of the best documentations of the power and magic from the early Nursery Cryme tour.

Imperial College '72
Venue: Imperial College, London
Date: November 18th, 1972
Label: Night Sun, 001
Sound quality (1-10): 7

This CD was a pleasant surprise. "Imperial College '72" is obviously an audience recording - with nearby comments and laughter - but the sound from the stage is quite balanced and well recorded.

Some Of You Are Going To Die
Venues: De Montford Hall, Leicester + Free Trade Hall, Manchester
Dates: January 28th, 1973 + February 4th, 1973
Label: Alternative Record Company, ARC 004
Sound quality (1-10): 9

This is an "extended" version of the officially released 'Live' album - including 'Supper's Ready'. The source is probably the KBFH vinyl test-pressing, and the sound is excellent.


Watchers Of The Skies
Venue: Rainbow Theatre, London
Date: October 20th, 1973
Label: Great Dane Records, GDR CD 9018
Sound quality (1-10): 8

A historical performance at the Rainbow - one of the band's first concerts on the Selling England tour. The theatricals were a fact - and Peters' stories are already established as a cult phenomenon.

This Planet's Soil
Venue: Shepperton Studios, London, UK
Date: October 30th, 1973
Label: Newox 73
Sound quality (1-10): 7 (mono)

The cover says "New Oxford Theatre 1973", but more reliable sources say that it is the audio part of a film recorded in Shepperton Studios ten days after the Rainbow show. Played loud it's great.

First We Were Five
Venue: Tufts University, Medford, MA
Date: November 7th, 1973
Label: Rock Calendar, RC 2113
Sound quality (1-10): 6

Not very interesting - but another document from the first US leg of the 'Selling England' tour. Some songs are cut of, and the sound is quite muffled. 'Supper's Ready' is recorded in Boston, April '74.

Romeo Show
Venue: Felt Forum, New Tork, USA
Date: November 22, 1973
Label: Highland, HL 072/73 #G11
Sound quality (1-10): 8

A very good and complete recording from New York's Felt Forum. The sound quality rates as one of the best from this tour. A real gem for 'Selling England' tour enthusiasts! BTW - great cover art

Venue: Roxy, Los Angeles, CA
Date: December 19th, 1973 - second show
Label: Exposure, EX-002-1 GE
Sound quality (1-10): 8

Genesis made their first visit to the west coast of the USA in December 1973. In six concerts, on the 17th to 19th, Genesis astounded the Roxy audience. This is the last show of these six.

Live In Montreal
Venue: University Sports Centre, Montreal, Canada
Date: April 21, 1974
Label: Swingin' Pig Records, TSP-CD-040-2
Sound quality (1-10): 7

This is probably the best recording from one of the most bootlegged Genesis gigs. Peter tells his stories in French, and the audience love it. Two tracks from the May '75 Wembley show are included.

More Fool Me
Venue: Orpheum Theater, Boston MA, USA
Date: April 24, 1974
Label: Highland, HL 029/39 #G3
Sound quality (1-10): 7

Three days after Montreal Genesis play in Boston, and this is another great recording from this tour. Apart from some technical fuck-ups, the band demonstrate that they have grown during the tour.

Moonlit Queen
Venue: Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada
Date: May 2, 1974
Label: Highland, HL 101/02 #G16
Sound quality (1-10): 7

An audience recording - and a very good one - from the last US leg of the 'Selling England' tour. A double CD, but not a complete show. Peter's stories are hardly audible - but funnier than ever.

Voices In The Academy
Venue: Academy of Music, New York
Date: May 4, 1974
Label: Highland, HL 189/90
Sound quality (1-10): 8

A two CD set from the first day at Academy of Music in New York. They actually played two shows that night, and if anyone knows which this is, please let me know. BTW - a great recording.

Academy Of Music
Venue: Academy of Music, New York
Date: May 6, 1974 - late show
Label: GE-80-09
Sound quality (1-10): 8

A great show - and a great recording. Apart from the absence of 'Supper's Ready' the CD covers the atmosphere of the successful second American leg of the band's 'Selling England' tour.

The Lamb Descends On Waterbury
Venue: West Palm Beach Auditorium, Florida ++
Date: January 10, 1975 ++
Label: Oxygene, OXY 089-090
Sound quality (1-10): 8

A better recording than the 'Lamb Lives' CD. The CD's are also including cuts from rehearsals at Headly Grange during spring 1974 - among them a twelve-minute long 'Fly On A Windshield',

The Lamb Lives
Venue: West Palm Beach Auditorium, Florida
Date: January 10, 1975
Label: Backstage, BKCD 033/034
Sound quality (1-10): 7

A complete 'Lamb' show in a soundboard recording. The sound is great, and you get a lot of the atmosphere surrounding the last Genesis tour with Peter Gabriel.

The Carpet Crawlers
Venue: Wembley Empire Pool, London
Date: April 15, 1975
Label: Chapter One, CO 25134
Sound quality (1-10): 7

This one of a big number of recordings from the April 1975 Wembley show. But this is a gem because it has the full version of the 'Evil Jam' - almost ten minutes with excitement!

On Broadway - Live in Paris
Venue: Wembley Empire Pool, London
Date: April 15, 1975
Label: No label, no cat.number
Sound quality (1-10): 6

Same show as above - with the full 'Waiting Room', but with a couple of missing tracks due to the length of an LP. *No* info on the cover, and the title is at best funny.

Tales Of Ordinary Madness
Venue: Birmingham Hippodrome, UK
Date: May 2nd, 1975
Label: Dream Weaver Records, DWR 396078-2
Sound quality (1-10): 7

Peter's final gig with Genesis in his home country. A pleasant surprise, really - this recording is much better than I thought after hearing the "Swelled and Spent" LP some years ago. 

Venue: Stonybrook, England
Date: October 24, 1978
Label: Moonlight Records, ML 9621
Sound quality (1-10): 8

My first live item with early Peter Gabriel. And it is a very interesting recording with some very fine moments. I was never a very big fan of Peter's second album, but some of these songs are great here.

Lay Your Hands On Me
Venue: Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, USA
Date: Autumn 1987
Label: Pluto Records, PLR CD 9223
Sound quality (1-10): 10

A no less than excellent recording from Peter's 'So' tour in the States. This is probably the audio part of the officially released video from that tour.

Genesis Rarities I - The B-Side Yellow Foam
Venue + date: Various - a cassette compilation
Label: None - a Paperlate product - by Todd Satogata
Sound quality (1-10): 6-9

My first involvement in non-album stuff recorded before 'Genesis' - as a result of the Internet. A great compilation of B-sides and rare stuff - with 'It's Yourself (Beloved Summer)' as the ultimate highlight.

The Shepherd
Venue: BBC studios, London
Date: 1970-1972
Label: Flashback, 09.90.0126
Sound quality (1-10): 9

A real gem! Four unreleased songs - and very interesting live versions of stuff from the earliest days. Excellent sounding recording from BBC sessions - and the CD is including a stretched version of 'The Musical Box'.

Venue: Studio outtakes, UK
Date: 1971-1972
Label: Highland, HL 069 #G11
Sound quality (1-10): 8

Another re-packaging of the 'In The Beginning'-series - with some odd studio demos from the band's earliest recordings and some outtakes from the Anthony Phillips "sessions". Collectors only.

Moonlight Knight
Venue: Different sources
Date: 1973-1975
Label: Oil Well, RSC 072 CD
Sound quality (1-10): 5-7

This is obviously a "best of" the 'In The Beginning' series. Most of it are in fact Ant's solo work, but the CD is also including good versions of 'Only Your Love' and 'Silver Song'.

Besides The Silent Mirror
Venue: La Ferme, France
Dates: March 7th, 1971
Label: Alternative Record Company, ARC 012
Sound quality (1-10): 5

A quite poor recording from the very early days. It's still to be proven that this recording is correctly dated and located. But it's interesting - 'The Light' and 'Going Out To Get You' are included.


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