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Sunday, 9th December 2018


In 1963 Peter Gabriel and Tony Banks met at Charterhouse, a boarding-school, that layed in the English county Surrey in the middle 1960s. (It was founded by the count of Suffolk, Thomas Howard, in 1611. The school was re-build near Godalming in 1972.)
The musical talent of its pupils was not supported there; the only thing was a piano in the rest-room.
Peter and Tony, who hated this school, went to Charterhouse since September 1963 and soon discovered their love for music.
Tony was capable of playing many songs of the Beatles and other bands from his mind.
Peter Gabriel not only played drums, but also started to sing. In those days there was hardly any school where there were no pupil-bands forming.
Both Peter and Tony formed the duo 'The Garden Wall' which was the rival of another group called 'The Anon'. 'The Anon' was formed by four people named Riverz Job (bass), Anthony Phillips (guitar), Rob Tyrell (drums) and Richard MacPhail (vocals) and later Mike Rutherford (guitars).

Charterhouse organized a rock concert at the end of the summer-semester in 1966. 'Garden Wall' as well as 'Anon' played live but 'The Garden Wall' have stolen the show from 'The Anon' who were meant as the main act !
After the singer and bassplayer both left 'The Anon' the group vanished. Anthony Phillips and Mike Rutherford both came to their former rivals and joined in.
Also a new drummer, Chris Stewart, was welcomed.

The problem was that the new formed group had not had any name.

In their leisure time the band recorded a demo tape and sent it to a producer called Jonathan King, who was a former Charterhouse pupil himself and who had quite a hit with the song 'Everyone's gone to the moon'.

Of course, he wondered why there's a band without a name, but he liked their kind of music and it was Jonathan King who gave the band a name - Genesis.

In summer of 1968 the band recorded an album called 'From Genesis to Revelation', released in March 1969. Before that Chris Stewart left the band and was replaced by the drummer John Silver.
The album's title and the black cover with golden letters (lacking the band name!!) were reason for LP-sellers to place it in the religious "corner".

After this first experiences the band pretended to vanish (only to get out of the 1-Year-Contract signed to J.King) and immediately re-built to continue doing their own material which King did not like anymore as it was not the BeeGees.
All but John Silver remained and gave up their training to become professional musicians. Silver was replaced by the drummer John Mayhew.

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