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Friday, 16th November 2018
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Trespass - 1970

Released in October 1970 this seems to be the first real Genesis-record. Their new manager was Tony Stratton-Smith, who signed them to his Charisma label after seeing them play a gig in March. They also have a new drummer, J.Mayhew, recruited through an advertisement in the Melody Maker. After completing this album in July 1970 guitarist Phillips and drummer Mayhew both quit. John Anthony produced TRESPASS. It was recorded at Trident Studios, London during June & July. More confident and dynamic than the first album it included an astonishing 7minute opus 'The knife'. 


  • 01 Looking For Someone
  • 02 White Mountain
  • 03 Visions Of Angels
  • 04 Stagnation
  • 05 Dusk
  • 06 The Knife

Trespass Tour - The Early Days  (1971 - 1972) - Audio recordings

Recorded at La Ferme in Woluwe St. Lambert, Belgium - 7 March 1971

It was very interesting to listen to this disc again knowing how much more confident Peter Gabriel would become on stage: here he was still very uncomfortable with the audience, and though they are appreciative and supportive, he could barely speak French and stumbled through the stories with many pauses and lots of embarrassed laughter. It was so interesting to listen to the band in this stage of their history, when they were still adjusting to each other and still working out the songs: one obvious example was "The Musical Box," which was in such an early stage that Peter didn't seem to have any lyrics written yet for the very end of the song. In place of real words he singed a kind of gibberish.

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