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Sunday, 9th December 2018
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That's it. Genesis' most ambitious work to date that ultimately led to the shock departure of their much loved singer Peter Gabriel. This record was meant to be the blockbuster that elevated the band to mega star status. However, it was based on such a complicated, demanding story line developed independently by Peter Gabriel, that in the short term it proved hard for audiences to understand and accept and caused friction within the group. Gabriel's comic fantasy stories that had endeared him to fans lost their appeal when taken too seriously and spread over four sides of an album. But nevertheless the work became the basis of an impressive stage show. Peter produced some of the most bizarre costumes for 'The lamb' show, including the lumpen and misshapen 'Slipperman', and weird looking 'Lamia'.The band illustrated the story with Peter as the main character 'Rael' and three projection screens..

Genesis signed The Lamb lies down on Broadway Album



The Lamb Tour (20/11/1974 - 27/5/1975) - Audio recordings

The Providence gig has long been seen as one of the better audience recordings from the Lamb tour This is  re-master of the 10/1/75 show, which was  at the West Palm Beach Convention Center. This is the most complete version, with all the broadcasted songs, including the end of "Cage," The Lamb Lies Down On Dusseldorf
Recorded Live At Philipshalle, Dusseldorf,  Germany 6 April 1975
Recorded at the Palace Theatre in Manchester. This was the first of two days Genesis, both of which were recorded. On this recording both "It" and "Box" have been replaced by the matching songs from the previous night's performance At the Hippodrome in Birmingham, this is a show from one of two nights in a row at that venue. It's really more of a Good than a Very Good. Still, not bad, and a totally complete show, with a very, very rare encore of "The Knife".

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The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - Part 1

  • 01 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
  • 02 Fly On A Windshield
  • 03 Broadway Melody of 1974
  • 04 Cuckoo Cocoon
  • 05 In The Cage
  • 07 Back In N.Y.C
  • 08 Hairless Heart
  • 09 Counting Out Time
  • 10 The Carpet Crawlers
  • 11 The Chamber of 32 Doors

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - Part 2

  • 01 Lilywhite Lilith
  • 02 The Waiting Room
  • 03 Anyway
  • 04 The Supernatural Anaesthetist
  • 05 The Lamia
  • 06 Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats
  • 07 The Colony of Slipperymen
  • 08 Ravine
  • 09 The Light Dies Down On Broadway
  • 10 Riding The Scree
  • 11 In The Rapids
  • 12 It