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Tuesday, 21st May 2019

Nursery Cryme - 1971

Released in November 1971 NURSERY CRIME was a crucial album which saw the band take another step with the arrival of Phil Collins to strengthen the rhythm section as a new drummer, and Steve Hackett to flesh out the guitar sounds. Collins was a good-humoured brilliant drummer who cheered the group up when they almost have given up. Hackett's playing combined both melodic charm and outbursts of unexpected violence. Even with the two new members the album sounded surprisingly similar to TRESPASS.
And on "For absent friends" Phil Collins makes his vocal debut.


Nursery Cryme Tour (5/9/71- 3/9/1972) - Audio recordings

This version is probably the best audio-only version out there--previous versions had suffered from a variety of problems, mostly speed related. The second bunch are the only tracks broadcast from that date, and in fact the date is questionable as most gig guides do not mention this performance at all,  played at the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt, Germany on 21-22/3/1972. 

Lem Club - Verona - 9/4/1972. This is really not a very good recording. The sound is very muddy, and it is often very difficult to tell what Pete is saying. There seem to have been quite a few problems that night; Pete tells the story for "Twilight Alehouse," but then they have to go into the drum solo because of technical problems. He also seems to  lengthen the intro to the next song.

Recorded at the Piper Club in Rome , Italy - 18/4/1972 . They actually did two shows at the club on this day. It must be some sort of technical problem, because the drum solo was usually played to cover pauses in the set due to just these sorts of mess-ups.  The guitar seems to drop out at the very end of the song as well. This is a very good boot that is a wonderful representative of their old days.


Reading Festival - 11/8/1972 This is a fairly rare occurrence of "Watcher of the Skies" on the Nursery Cryme tour, and features one of the only times Pete told any kind of story introducing the song (also one of the only times the song appeared in the middle of the set and not on the beginning or the very end). It is a rather short and feeble story, admittedly, but it is there During the intro for "Watcher"

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Nursery Cryme

  • 01 The Musical Box
  • 02 For Absent Friends
  • 03 The Return of the Giant Hogweed
  • 04 Seven Stones
  • 05 Harold the Barrel
  • 06 Harlequin
  • 07 The Fountain of Salmacis