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Monday, 20th May 2019

From Genesis to Revelation

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From Genesis to Revelation (1969) by Thomas Schrage

Released in March 1969 this album is a record, which was obviously made by inexperienced schoolboys. Their theme was the creation of the world, as told in the Bible, and the subsequent evolution of Mankind. It was a bit like a local film club remaking Ben Hur for their first movie project.
The album remained an unmentionable topic for many years. Few fans were even aware of its existence. Despite its faults, the album did have considerable artistic merit. It gave an early indication of Peter Gabriel's unique vocal qualities and the musical capabilities of Tony Banks.
It began in 1967 when the band sent a demo tape to Jonathan King, a former Charterhouse pupil, the school they went to.

Genesis‘ first album was not called Trespass but From Genesis To Revelation. Many fans tend to count it as their zeroeth album. It shows no or at best only the most minuscule traces of the style that would make them well-known later, and therefore frequently meets with a refusal and lack of affection. Justly so?

The band did not have the line-up they got known with yet. One could say they did not even exist. They came together to record demo-tapes in the first place. All of them knew each other from Charterhouse public school. The songwriter team Rutherford and Anthony Phillips asked Tony Banks to play the piano for them; Banks only agreed if he could bring his songwriting partner Peter Gabriel to record a song. Soon they were convinced that Gabriel’s voice sounded better than Phillips’ so he ended up singing on all the songs.

When he did not sing, Phillips played the guitar, a position he would retain up to Trespass. Initially, the drums were played by one Chris Stewart, though the drumming on the album would be done by John Silver. The drummer’s stool would not be filled permanently until Phil Collins joined Genesis. Only with him did the band find someone who was accepted as a full member and could incorporate himself.

From Genesis toRevelation

  • 01 Where the Sour Turns To Sweet
  • 02 In the Beginning
  • 03 Fireside song
  • 04 The Serpent
  • 06 In The Wilderness
  • 07 The Conqueror
  • 08 In hiding
  • 09 One day
  • 10 Window
  • 11 In Limbo
  • 12 Silent Sun
  • 13 A Place To call My Own
  • 14 A Winter's tale
  • 16 That's Me
  • 17 Silent Sun (mono single version)