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Monday, 20th May 2019

Foxtrot - October 1972

Foxtrot marked a decisive point in Genesis's career. An emerging art-rock band who were building up a growing cult following with a busy touring schedule, this album was an artistic and commercial landmark; it was their first album to chart. Including the classic "Watcher of the Skies" and Peter Gabriel's whimsically compassionate slice of life, "Get 'Em Out by Friday," the album's highlight is the ambitious sidelong epic "Supper's Ready." Comprising seven linked subsections, it was inspired apparently by a frightening experience where Gabriel's wife, Jill, felt she was possessed, and is a story of two lovers and the struggle between good and evil. Certainly it was the most innovative and entertaining piece the band had produced to date. The relatively rough production values could be seen as either detracting somewhat from the impact of the album or adding a pleasantly rough edge to what might otherwise be a somewhat prim sound.

An analysis written by Hester Stasse


Foxtrot Tour (9/9/1972-6/8/1974) - Audio recordings

This one was misdated as November 10, 1972. There was a Marquee Club gig on November 11, 1972, but this disc isn't even that--it's just another version of the 19/9/72 gig. Actually it sounds almost exactly the same as another version  zooming "pong" and all. The tracking of the first two songs is more correct here, and there might be a little bit more power to the sound, giving it the benefit of the doubt by punching the quality rating up to a "fair." Anyways, it's nice to have a full version of this all from the same source.
  Recorderd at the Stadthalle, Heidelberg Germany in 15/1/1973. The sound is rather good, except for the vocals, which sound very far away. There's a reverb going on as well, which makes it difficult to tell what Pete is saying on the intros. The drums and lead guitar are very strong and crisp, however. It's very strange that "Supper" is missing from this set; They didn't play it because they were touring with other Charisma label bands at this point and had to keep their set short, but according to the official site the Charisma band gigs were from 3-29 October 1972, and were long over by this point.
  Recorded at the De Montfort Hall in Leicester - 25/2/1973.  This one puts the songs in the right order and sounds quite a bit better than the other versions with much less hiss and not as much noise. There are still quite a few pops to be heard, however, especially at the beginning of the recording and during quieter bits. There are split second pauses, but you'll probably never know it since each track fades out at the end and fades in at the beginning.

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