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Sunday, 9th December 2018

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In the beginning

In 1967, Jonathan King discovered and signed, the band that was to become Genesis.
During a visit to his old school, Charterhouse, a friend of one of the band members handed him a recording by the band, whose members were pupils at the school.
1969-1975 was a magic time. And if that doesn't raise some pleasant waves of nostalgia, you don't have any business in this website.

 Antoine Baril - One Man Genesis

Played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Antoine Baril
Filming and video editing by Antoine Baril

Produced at Hemisphere Studio, Quebec, QC, Canada between September and November or 2016

Song List

Watcher of the Skies, Dance on a Volcano, Fly on a Windshield, Firth of Fifth, Dancing with the Moonlit Knight, Supper's Ready
The Cinema Show, Robbery Assault & Battery, Down and Out, All in a Mouse's Night, Second Home by the Sea, Los Endos